Frequently Asked Questions, Frequently Made Comments...

Q: Did you scan everything here?

A: I sure did. ^_^

Q: Can I use your images for *fill in the blank*?

A: Here's the image policy. Yes, please feel free to use the images for whatever you like. Use them in graphics, on your website, whatever. A link back here would be appreciated, but isn't necessary. What not to do: direct link. I do not tolerate direct linking.

Q: Where did you get the manga/artbooks/whatnot?

A: Oh god, everywhere. The first artbook I bought at VOE Online, and the second artbook my husband found at Wizzywig. The manga I bought at VOE, various ebay auctions, Otakon (I don't remember which dealer, or I'd put a link to them), and a friend bought some for me at a local shop. Other things like the drama cds and the letter notebook I found on ebay. All hail ebay.

Q: Do you have all the manga?

A: Yep. The original manga, that is, I don't have the DX editions.

Q: Well, why aren't they all up yet, dammit!? There are some missing from the galleries!!!

A: I'll get there eventually. Give me time, please. I have a life outside this website, and other sites to maintain.